Any Visa employees I can speak to reg. Director level compensation structure?


Is anyone here a current or former employee of Visa, and has visibility or personal experience with the compensation brackets for Director-level roles (especially interested in base comp)? I'd love to talk to you!

I want to understand how I should approach negotiating my base comp and total comp package with some internal perspective. I know VISA is big on bonuses and LTI (which is great in a bull market, but perhaps not now...)

For color:

  • I will NOT see any of the bonus (10-37% of base comp) in 2022 because I am joining after the evaluation cycles end
  • I will probably get the LOWER END of LTI (so ~10% of base comp) in Q1 2023 (assuming company performance will be correlated to market performance)
  • I was not offered a sign-on bonus, but thinking to negotiate that since I am missing the bonus cycle and that could have been a significant chunk of my total comp - is that something VISA would do?

What else should I consider or think through? What else should I be asking for?

Thanks so much to everyone who swarms with me on this. Really appreciate the power of this community for this type of a thing!

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@Diana23 and @gracewwu are on the HR/Talent team, maybe they can answer these questions?
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Hi there! I am no longer at Visa but I was also on the University side, not sure how director level comp is structured. What I can tell from your questions seems like a valid reason to negotiate, for any job really. Hope this helps and good luck!