FREE Legal Workshop for Founders Raising Their First Round

Are you looking to fundraise for your startup? Whether it be an angel round, pre-seed/seed round, or even friends & family round, make sure you get the legal stuff right for that first check!In this 1-hour virtual workshop, Cooley Partner Sally Kay will be walking through: - how to structure your company for fundraising,- what to expect on the legal side as you go through your fundraising process,- and common mistakes to avoidJoin us on Wednesday, August 19th, 12-1pm PST / 3-4pm EST
Awsome @enhao
Thank you for doing this. See you soon!
Hello, this is great but only caught it today... Any chance that it was recorded?
Sorry missing this message earlier! Yes you can get the recording by joining our free Slack from here -> You can find an open channel called #legal_workshop_cooley with info on the recording. The workshop was so packed with info - I highly recommend watching it!
Excellent thank you!