Sharing a few valuable Go-To-Market Tips/Reminders I got on how to approach our first (100) customers

I have made many of these mistakes to some degree, would love to know what other have tried/learned around early customer acquisition?

  1. Biggest mistake new startups make is trying to use marketing strategies of more mature companies - don’t focus on PR or creating a hot instagram account (unless you already have one) - try to focus on finding small spots, doing localized growth
  2. Don't worry about your website, your brand or logo, don't do anything unless you HAVE to, just go and find those first customers - if they start asking for a website then it's time to build one.
  3. Your first 100 customers is not about make money, it's really about learning - learning the type of wording, branding, or parts of your product that resonates with your customers
  4. Choose marketing strategies that will give you feedback quickly: think hours or days, not weeks or months. That means SEO or Pinterest will probably not make sense for your first 100 customers.
  5. B2B: don't underestimate the power of email marketing, and use mail merge!! (but check your local regulation)
  6. The beginning is about finding those quick hit strategies! Don't linger, if you try a strategy for a week and don't see any results, move on! There are a million different platforms and strategies to try, keep on moving and trying new things!
  7. Maybe give TikTok or Youtube stories a whirl if you haven’t yet.

All of these tips are from a Founder Chat with Louisamay Hanrahan of Let’s Match Mums (formerly growth @ Deliveroo, Patreon, WebSummit) recently. We have a Community of early-stage female and non-binary founders for more amazing conversations with early-stage founders sharing their learnings and expertise for free.

Our next Founder Chat topic is on How to Build Momentum and Move Faster as an early-stage founder with Kelly McDonald next Wednesday, Sept 29th! Register Here

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