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I started out working in tech by accident. My father who is a dentist, asked me to create a website for his dental practice. I thought why not. So I created a simple wordpress site. Then he asked he asked me to do some digital marketing for it, so I put up an ad for an SEO expert. While I didn't end up working with the the digital marketer, they recommended me to a collegue of theirs who was running a website development company for small businesses. So I met with him over lunch and we became business partners.

That partnership lasted for 2 years. He brought in the clients and I built the websites. Those 2 years while I freelanced creating wordpress websites were my gateway into the tech industry. What also happened was me being underpaid, never asking for more money, overworking constantly, not asking for help, being so scared of looking at email I didn't reply for days, and generally feeling like I was stuck.

That was all back in 2012. Now I realize how asking for help, seeking the right guidance could have changed my expereience of working in tech for the better much faster.

Today, I coach women in tech to expand their vision of what a career in tech can look like. I coach them on communication skills that include negotiating your salary and navigating conflict. I also provide practical guidance on how to best craft their pitch in interviews and apply for roles with the confidence, nomatter what the job describtion says.

While working in tech for 10 yrs, it's been a journey of self discovery. The biggest discovery was that there are opportunites you can't even imagine out there. That you can literally create your dream job and dream lifestyle - but you must take learn how to be activly engaged in creating your desired life, to see a future that's different than the present.

After years of feeling like a failure while working in tech, I took a break to travel. This helped me reset my nervous system and also reflect on my values. When I considered what makes me feel alive the most, it was always personal development, pyschology and mindset work. So started offerng coaching as a way to share my knowledge of navigating the tech industry, combined with my love of personal growth.

I created a coaching course that paves the way for how to be an active agent in your own life. It's a self-paced course that teaches you how to practice self-awareness of your mindset, values and beliefs. It also includes 1:1 coaching calls to support you in shifting your mindset and working towards your goals.

If you:

  • are struggling in your transition into tech in any way
  • want to know what opportunitues exist within the tech space
  • want to land a role in tech that fits your lifestyle
  • are seeking a guide on how to navigate you career & life goals

I'd love to have the opportunity to support you.

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