Would people be interested in a Product Management blog with resources, articles, interviews etc?

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I find myself looking a lot for answers on what to do now that I’m in PM at an early stage startup. My first PM job was in a consumer app company which I’ve found is quite different than B2B. I am the only product person and I’m trying to build out processes so I’m not completely overwhelmed, but the only resources I can find are people networks. I end up taking on more than necessary because everything can reasonably me placed on product.
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I would say that there are already a lot of these resources out therefore - some are free, some are paid, but it seems to me like a crowded market. A focus of specific startup advice for product would be different though, and I'd actually be interested in it for my team (I'm a veteran of startups too 😊)
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As somebody trying to learn more about it, I find information very fragmented and scattered. I have no idea which are the main newsletters, blogs worth reading and courses worth doing. I set my eyes on a course by University of Alberta but no idea if a good one. I do have investment experience, working extensively with founders and slowly productising our investment offering but loads of it feels like shooting in the dark.