Mentorship Opportunity for Women Building Change Scholars in Burundi

Have you ever had a mentor that has deeply impacted your life? If you're looking for a way to give back, this might just be your calling!

Code Your Dreams is a nonprofit that provides tech education resources to communities around the world. We've partnered with the Burundian government and a local organization, Kit-Hub Burundi, to deliver technology education training and mentorship programming in the region.

We're looking for mentors to get matched to our Women Building Change Scholars. This cohort is made up of 30 women who are passionate about breaking into technology careers and solving problems for their communities in Burundi with technology.

Take it from me: Without mentors in my life, I would be in a completely different place. Mentors have helped me grow my confidence and leadership abilities. Mentors have empowered me to break into the tech industry and redefine what success and happiness means to me. Whether you're 1 year or 30 years into your journey, you have the capability to mentor and make a substantial impact in the lives of others.

All mentor activities are being conducted via Zoom.

hello @briannecaplan, I am interested! I filled the form
woohoo! @cgbl - thank you so much! this is hugely impactful for our women!