Looking for co-founders for my ed tech startup (published in Forbes & Chicago Tribune)

CoderHeroes is an early-stage startup that I founded at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 as a result of the dire funding needs we experienced at my nonprofit, Code Your Dreams.

CoderHeroes is a platform for kids to connect with instructors for creative coding courses and activities -- many of which cannot be found anywhere else! We have a team working on developing our platform that we're gearing to launch later this year.

For every purchase, we donate to Code Your Dreams, a nonprofit that provides high-quality coding and design classes to high-need community centers, schools and prisons throughout the US and abroad.

I've been looking for co-founders (both technical and business-focused). If you have interest, I'd love to hear from you! My email is [email protected] or you can connect with me on linkedin.

Read more here from Forbes.

Read more here from Chicago Tribune.

Hi Brianne, congrats on CoderHeroes!I'm not a candidate to be your co-founder, but after being a founder for 20+ years, I work with solo founders in a coaching and consulting role -- I often step in as a sounding board while my clients are finding the right co-founders. Pick a time if you'd like to talk about it :-)