Event: Helping Users Communicate with Confidence: Machine Learning at Grammarly

Interested in learning about Machine Learning at Grammarly?

Join us on 🔹 February 2 at 9 a.m. PDT 🔹 for a series of 10-minute talks where you’ll meet our Machine Learning team, hear about our current ML and NLP efforts, and learn more about Grammarly in a live Q&A.

You can register for the event here -

👋 hey Heidi! @heidiwilliams26 This looks super interesting and would also love to share it with our team @ Superhuman!I'm also personally interested and am curious who the intended audience is, considering my lack of engineering background.
Hi @teresaman, yes please feel free to share! The talks are from ML engineers and applied researchers, so it will likely swing technical. They usually do a good job of setting context so that folks without ML/NLP experience get something out of it, but my guess is they're targeting a technical audience.
Got it - thank you!! Just shared - if there's ever a less technical version of this, I personally would love to know! 🤓