From getting fired for not having technical skills to starting my own tech companyFeatured

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“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
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No time to read now, but great job writing a title that makes me grab pom poms for you. Congrats!
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Amazing, thank you for sharing your inspiring story - so much grit!!
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Thanks for posting this Shondra! It was very on time and impactful! Full of gems and super actionable! When I'm ready to raise funds, I will be in contact with to secure the bag.I love to see black women winning with unconventional paths and strategies and taking non traditional roles!
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Great article! I actually worked in start up environment and understand that feelings you are going through now. This is very exciting. Best of luck.
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Thank you! The feelings can be a lot can't they?!
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This is amazing - congratulations! Happy to see you stuck things through and are still killing it. Looking forward to using your services!
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Thank you!
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Thank you for your transparency Shondra. I am a black woman that has experienced plenty of what you described.After completing a contract with a large international organization (my dream job) and suffering from emotional breakdowns because the company culture was SO unhealthy and dehumanizing. I started my own company. I was like I have so much international experience and I am passionate about people who have such interesting cultures and yet the tourism market does not reflect them. I recently started a travel startup focused on hidden communities in major cities and unique countries not broadly advertised to the wider tourism market and understanding financials is STRESSFUL. The resources ( even for POC’s that don’t have access to large amounts of capital) I am finding for early startups are focused on company’s making like $100,000 for them to even consider investing. I want to build out my web database platform and the costs are like $5,000- $7,000. -_-Any suggestions on where I should look?
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How inspirational is that - thanks for sharing Shondra. It would be great for you to showcase TBC-Capital on a recorded online masterclass for female entrepreneurs worldwide - Helping entrepreneurs achieve over six-figures in investments and grants - has a great ring to it! Check out the female founders involved in the Female Founders Virtual Summit at with their bios and topics. The first virtual summit is on Saturday October 26 detailed at Future dates in 2020 are in January, April and July. It would be great to include you on the global speaker list. You and other female founders that are focused on showcasing their business and increasing collaborative business opportunities apply at
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Thanks for your kind words and thanks for the info! I will definitely check it out!
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Beautiful post Shonda <3
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Thank you!
Such a great and uplifting post Shonda! I wish I had your math skills… my recent gig was in banking and they also didn't continue with my contract because they said I don't have enough tech skills to do the job… which is true in a way and I don't see myself doing what you did :(