Statistician Transitioning to Data Science

Hi Elpha!

Calling on data scientists working or with experience in healthtech or healthcare. I'm currently a statistician with a background in public health and I work for a research nonprofit. I'm interested in transitioning to a data science role in the health space. For the last 6 months, I've applied to several data science positions (primarily with hospital systems, healthtech, and consulting firms) but have yet to be offered even the opportunity to interview. :/

My current title isn't "data scientist", but 75-100% of my core job duties overlap with the jobs where I have applied so I'm fairly confident I meet the basic qualifications. I've also tried using ATS software like Jobscan to update my resumes to at least get past the initial review systems but no luck. I think I need help articulating my experiences and aligning my skills with company needs but I don't really know what those needs are because I work in a different field. Would anyone be willing review my resume and potentially serve as a mentor?

Thank you so much and looking forward to connecting with you!

Thanks Erin for posting and sharing with us! recruiting has been really hard as you are already aware so as an applicant you have a lot stacked against you sadly :(I think while you can spend time tweaking and personalising your resume, you should also be "out there" ie. build connections with people and companies you want to work for. Not only it will help you in being on their radar but it will also inform you more on what those teams are looking for. The good thing is you have the qualifications to do the job so it's now a question of connecting those dots to ensure it is clear you have the skills and experience in the industry. Additionally, we have a few elpha partners companies here that are in the health space so this might be another avenue for you.Lastly, I want to plug this resource for you