Must-Bookmark Wordpress Resources?

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This is a good one. I have a ton of them, this new one by the Yoast team is a great resource for beginners:, I will curate all links I have compiled so far, and post here later.
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The SEO track looks really compelling, I might actually try it out! I don't know anything about SEO but the CEO I work with has asked about if I'd be interested in learning it. Could be a chip in negotiating a raise next year!
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Yesssssss get that raise ❤️
Rafiat's profile thumbnail This is my go to website, when I have an idea for my wordpress webiste and what plugin to use or just looking for options that I might consider. They have blog and videos on just about what you need to know to get your wordpress up and running with the services you want.I also like smashing magazine ( in the early days they used to have indepth technical tutorials and blog posts on wordpress. I still bookmark the site now but haven't referenced it for a very long time. It's worth checking out, if you don't already know about it.