I'm a Harvard Junior and Founder of PERIOD, a nonprofit that provides menstrual products to people in need. – Nadya OkamotoFeatured

Hi Elpha!I'm Nadya Okamoto, and I'm the Founder and Executive Director of PERIOD, a nonprofit that provides menstrual products to people in need.I became interested in menstrual hygiene when I was a freshman in high school in Oregon. At the time, my family was without a home, and I became friends with homeless women who used toilet paper, cardboard, and socks to absorb their menstrual blood. When my family got back on our feet, I started PERIOD to fight menstrual equity. Since 2014, PERIOD have addressed over 800,000 periods and registered over 500 campus chapters. Last year, I decided to take a leave of absence during my sophomore year at Harvard to focus on scaling PERIOD, talking about The Menstrual Movement, and promoting my book Period Power: A Manifesto for the Menstrual Movement. Ask me anything about youth activism, normalizing the normal, building a Gen Z-friendly brand, starting a nonprofit, or something else!
Hi!! I've been following PERIOD for a while now. I am launching an organic tampon subscription service in a month, and would love to partner with PERIOD. We're looking to donate a portion of our proceeds, end period poverty and work with a partner that can help us provide menstrual products and education to girls and young women who do not have access to menstrual care. How can an early staged femtech company get involved with PERIOD? Thank you! :)
!!! As I was reading Nadya’s intro, I thought to myself, I should tag Florence!! Ha 😛
omg let's connect! Email [email protected] and [email protected]
Hi Nadya! Thanks so much for creating this thread. I LOVE what you're doing! And I love your intro video (on your website).As a co-founder at a nonprofit ( - a platform where anyone can sponsor monthly Internet fees and laptops for underprivileged high schoolers), I'd love to hear more about your funding streams. How much do you rely on donations from individuals? How much of that is recurring? Which generation donates to you the most? For us, 85% are Millennials. And where/how do you target individual donors?
it's a big part of how we are funded - that and lots of corporate/brand partnerships! We get most through social media and connections through our chapter members. Would love to connect - can you email [email protected], our development director!
Excellent, I just reached out! Thanks.
Hi Nadya!We met a few years ago at Harvard, became friends on fb, and I've been following your PERIOD journey ever since. Just wanted to say thank you for all the work that you've done to fight for menstrual equity, and welcome to Elpha! Back in high school, I was also a part of a charity that raised money to make menstrual products accessible to the homeless, so I'd love to hear how you scaled your nonprofit and brought it to the success it's at today. Also would love to hear about any future plans you have in regards to the movement, youth activism, or your personal career.
thank you so much!!! so great to re-connect with you here! hope you have been doing well. not sure what is next for me, but i'm really focused on growing PERIOD. currently prepping for - our national campaign!
Thanks so much for you time here Nadya and for being a leader in change especially for this subject! What has been the biggest barrier when raising awareness for menstrual activism? Incredibly impressed and inspired by your work!
some people are just NOT interested in talking to us - and we have to keep knocking on their door repetitively until they might show interest.
And how do you keep knocking?Are there any strategies you use?
Thanks so much for joining us this week, Nadya! Nadya will be answering your questions throughout the week. Please note that she may not have time to answer all your questions, so be sure to upvote the ones you most want her to answer with emojis.
thank you!!!
Hi Nadya, thanks for spending time with us! What an inspiring story.I’m curious what you think of the menstrual underwear movement (eg Thinx) — is it hype or a step in the right direction?
i love thinx! i use them, and they're a strong partner of PERIOD.
Hi Nadya! Thank you so much for linking up with Elpha to share your story and the work you've done. PERIOD is such a powerful platform and is shedding light on a topic that has been ignored for too long. Chapters of PERIOD are essential for its reach across the nation. How did you first create chapters and what has your biggest challenge been in expanding them? I think the concept of chapters is unique to non-profits and clubs and your insight on their growth would be awesome.
hi there! chapters have absolutely been essential to what we're doing. our biggest challenge is that we now have almost 600 registered chapters, and still only 5 campus chapters -- so we're working to build capacity!
1) I'd love to hear more about juggling the consultancy as well as PERIOD. How do you balance different business needs? 2) It seems like the women-focused space is heating up with lots of new services/offerings. How does a brand standout, especially when a lot of brands are starting at the same time?
In Seattle, but how can I contribute? This is amazing.
Hello Nadya,I am the Founder & CEO of "Truelli" (, an organic compound that was injected into women's daily use pantyliners to serve as World's 1st Menstrual Cycle Detection & Alert Liner.We passed human trials with flying colors and are currently seeking to raise capital to take our startup to the next stages.Upon interest, perhaps we can find a way to cooperate. It would be a pleasure!