How important is a bachelor’s degree?

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Tagged the various Product communities for you, and also, @tanmayisai who may be able to shed light on this as she's a product manager in SF!
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Thank you!
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Hi Amanda, thanks for sharing your experience on here. I'll share a little from my own experience if that helps. I worked in Project Mgmt for years and found it difficult to transition into Product even with experience working on digital projects. I would say that the best way to go about entering Product is to:1. present your resume in a way to is tailored to the role even if you haven't done Product Mgmt for digital products, you have applicable experience that can be worded to match the job requirements2. apply for Junior/Intern/Apprentenship positions in Product3. apply to startups with Product roles but in roles at Customer Support & Implementation - you can move into product much easier when you are already working for the companyAbout degrees, I don't see how they are helpful because the experience you require to be a PM is all on the job or by founding your own startup. That's been my experiences so far! Hope this helps provide some more direction for you.
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That is super helpful thank you so much!!
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Hi @amandaholub! It's great to hear you're interested in product! A bachelor's degree is not required at all companies for product but most currently do put it in their requirements. You could start with finding product internships & apprenticeships (Pinterest does this).Another approach could be to look for something in the domain you're familiar with, like any fashion related products.There's also product adjacent roles if you'd like to try those and then move into product like program management, product ups and product analysts