What's your most horrendous discrimination story at work?

At my performance review, I didn't get a good rating. My boss was criticising I always wear too colourful at work. And then proceeded to tell me I should look at what [Helen] wears in office what she wears and "Look she's already a Director." "But don't look at [Miranda], she's already a Partner. She's made it." What's your story?
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I was going to go anon on this one but thought to myself why would I? So here we go, it was a few February's ago (Black History Month) - My boss at the time and I had a meeting and at the end, he told me super awkwardly "I've received complaints from others who have noticed you hang out with people that look like you a lot" .... And I prompted him to explain further and if this had an impact on my work to which he said "No not at all, it's no big deal like I think it's BS" and I responded "if it's no big deal why would you bring this up then?"This was the day I stopped falling in love for anything work related and stopped treating my workplace like family. Here's the truth: your job gives zero f*ck about you. And life is too short for that kind of suffering.FYI I deleted your duplicate post :-)
Wow that's shocking! I'm so sorry to hear that @iynna! And you're so brave to NOT go anon about it! I had to sign a settlement agreement which prevented me from saying anything. I was so naive! So ladies don't sign settlement agreements!
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WOW did they really do that? EVIL. I believe in Karma and I hope this comes back at them. I hope you are doing okay and out of this place!And thank you :-) I hope other people feel supported by seeing that they are not alone (which is very sad to say). and most importantly that we can feel empowered to take action and call this sh*t out. I also understand & recognise that not everyone can come forth so let's just say I want to be a voice for the voiceless.
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I was new at a company and got along with this friendly colleague who came from Eastern Europe. I made reference about her for something (nothing bad at all, probably just that she shared something with me) to this VP and he tells me he thinks she's weird and that he "think[s] she's on the spectrum." I thought that was very, very not PC. I can understand saying an employee may be on the spectrum if it's to work better with them (if that's even needed), but he just said it like it was a joke.
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Oh yeah that's a classic I've seen too. It's disgusting.