Advice Interview Regional Position

Hello everyone, a recruiter wrote me for a position for Business Development LATAM for a technology company, tomorrow I have an interview and it would be my first time in a regional position.Any suggestions for this role?Thanks a lot!
Super exciting! Congratulations!It really depends on the company itself (market/Business model/current traction) etc so hard to sayThat said, know your story, your experience, know the bare minimum and perhaps more about the company too (perhaps anticipate challenges the company faces as the team envisions global expansion - you may not have an answer on the internet for that but you might make some assumptions based on research). Be prepared to speak on similar experiences that the role may require and to that end know what the JD says.You got this!
Thanks a lot for you answers, I did research of the role and some strategies for company.I think it going well, let’s see πŸ’ͺ🏻
How was it? Tell us! :-D