What difficulties do you think we have when migrating to a new country? and what kind of support do we need?

Some ideas/ difficulties: develop our network, the time finding a new job, adapt to their culture, get mentors, etc. I'm migrant and currently doing a research for a new platform for all the women's migrants around the world.Thanks for all your comments! :)
Hi @lolawong - interesting question, I've been an immigrant my whole life having lived on 3 diff continents so hope I can share a bit of wisdom.Adjust to the cultures, know where to find the "locals" - often times us immigrants would want to concentrate with our own people which is amazing but I actually tend to be "against" that as I value diversity and I want to learn from a wide range of people but sometimes it is tough to insert ourselves in these circles.Another thing is: how to do the mundane things, when I first moved to NYC, I was looking for the grocery stores and it took me a year to discover Trader Joes :o! I know sacrilege hahaAlso when you get to a certain age (adulthood) how do you create your tribe?
- Transit system- Banking and getting the equivalent of social security card- Finding doctors and health practitioners- Any cultural nuances that aren't immediately obvious
I've been a migrant in the last 12 years. I was born in China and moved to Canada for college, then left to work in States for 2 years, the went back to China for a while and now in Canada.The biggest issue for me is building network - since I moved around a lot I'm still struggling to find a solid network of people to hang out with.
1️⃣ Adapting to a new culture and overcoming language barriers (I still don’t understand all the idioms and slangs although I’ve been here for 9️⃣ years)2️⃣ Fighting against xenophobia and racism / discrimination based on name, accent, etc. 👊🏻3️⃣ Developing meaningful relationships with natives and other immigrants to build a solid professional and personal network 👌🏻That’s why I started AllCure @hiallcure to create a health and wellness community for immigrants and minorities to combat language and culture barriers in healthcare. Cure Everyone Cure Everything! 🤗Eventually, I would like to make AllCure a one-stop shop to unite all immigrants and minorities so that we can share knowledge and advice as well as supporting and uplifting each other. 🙌
Hi Lola, I've lived + work across 5 countries spanning 3 continents in the last 10 years, from my experience:1. Depending on the nature of move, the first challenge is often legal visa status which affects one's ability to secure employment. US is particularly difficult for women who's moved here for their partner, navigating the permanent residence vs. H1B vs. other visa options2. Linked to #1, access to financial institutions & health insurance can be challenging3. Language - a key barrier to resource/ network access, this also makes it challenging for building a local community or developing network4. Cultural norms for women dramatically impact a women's experience (e.g. an immigrant's experience in Middle East vs. in Europe vs. in Asian countries). Spillover to other factors impacting women's autonomy and freedom, e.g. access to childcare and education...