Hi ladies, looking for a podcast to tune into? Check out our curated list of the top podcasts for women in business: Whether you're a founder or a freelancer, there's something here for you. Enjoy! xo
Listening to podcasts has become my favorite thing in quarantine! Thank you for sharing this list. I've never heard of "Being Boss," and immediately subscribe just now. I'm such a huge fan of "Work Party" and "Girlboss Radio" - happy to see we both have excellent podcast taste. While these aren't geared towards female founders, I also highly recommend "How I built this" and "Masters of Scale." So good!
Thanks for sharing this list! I'm not familiar with many of those, but here are a few podcasts I rec for women in business:Second Life: "Spotlighting successful women who've made major career changes—and fearlessly mastered the pivot." Through It: "Listen as 14 talented women [per season] tell the story about pivotal moments in their lives when they had to decide whether to quit or keep going." Street Journal Secrets of Wealthy Women: "Empower yourself financially. Successful women executives, workplace pioneers, self-made entrepreneurs, industry trendsetters and money-savvy experts reveal insights on how to get ahead, reach your goals, and achieve professional success."