Zoom Fatigue: Why You're Feeling It and How to Best Manage It

Hey ladies, any of you feeling *exhausted* lately from all the video calls and conferences? If so, check out this article on zoom fatigue: you'll find these tips helpful!
This is a very helpful article. Video conferencing fatigue is real! I've been seeing new video conferencing tools in beta that are leaps and bounds better than Zoom and I look forward to trying them out. Hopefully with better security and privacy tools.
Excellent article. My work is fully online and according to me, these online meetings are more comfortable rather than face to face.A task that I find really challenging during my online meetings is taking notes.My days are filled with Zoom calls, and I relied on pen and paper to take notes this whole time. For a change, I recently began using Marsview Notes. It captured my meetings quickly, took my notes for me, and shared everything that was discussed in the call via email. It was definitely worth the upgrade. (