Adapting to 'a new era': how have your perspectives on work & where you live changed over the last few months?

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I'm thinking about my living space very differently... because of remote work, it's now become a space that I wholeheartedly want to invest in so that I can eat, sleep, and work in an area that I can feel as comfortable, warm, and happy as I can be (as coffee shops / work places are no longer available).
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The pandemic and going full remote the rest of the year has definitely made me think about my environment. I'm currently living in a cute area of Los Angeles - where my primary motivation for moving to was the ample amount of coffeeshops and concert venues. These days, the main roads are closed off. You will barely see any people walking around the once-busy streets. Almost every single store and business are closed and barricaded. It looks like something out of an apocalyptic movie! I've used my flexibility from working remotely to visit close family members during this summer and have spent two months with them. I'm trying to look at things from the bright side and be grateful for the unexpected family-time I get to spend and break away from the busy city life. But long-term....Who knows?! This pandemic has also taught me to live day by day, knowing that nothing is guaranteed. Pre-Covid19, I used to be a huge planner and ruminate about my future plans and goals every day. Now, I've become much more relaxed and embraced all the different opportunities ahead of us.