Every January, I create a list of "tasks" I want to become habits...* Eat healthier 🥒* Going on daily walks 🚶‍♀️* Meditate 🧘‍♀️* Spend more time with my friends 👯* Network 👥But each year, I become "too busy" and those habits I want to build fall by the wayside. So this year I am going to do things differently!Instead of waiting until January, I am going to start building these habits right with my current focus on networking. So here goes!If you are interested in building relationships,have questions about Operations (especially in startups),want to catch up,orjust want to vent about job searching just click on my calendar link to pick a day/time that works best for you!Please note: These meetings are not an invitation to solicit business from myself or my company and I do not have any job opportunities for anyone at this moment.

I've met with @nataliehoop before and can vouch that she's amazing!
Awe! @sarahing, I had so much fun chatting with you!
@nataliehoop Bonjour Natalie! I love the idea. On my end, and with the aim of improving my offerings - I am a stylist, and I believe that recent events, such as Covid AI, have changed the way we consume and perceive ourselves. How about a virtual coffee together?
Hi! Yes, I agree, COVID has absolutely changed the way we present ourselves. I look forward to discussing this further. Feel Free to DM me to find a time that works with our Time Zones for a virtual coffee..
@nataliehoop thanks for offering this! I'm also looking to expand my personal/professional network, and this is such a great idea (especially the part about not waiting for a specific calendar date - there's no time like the present!). Look forward to speaking to you!
I look forward to speaking with you too!
Hi Natalie, Happy Holidays! (Is it too early?) How are you? What is your favorite drink to keep warm in the winter? Meditation is great. I have books and apps that I can recommend if you are interested. Talk to you soon. Lisa
What a great idea, @nataliehoop! Thanks for putting this message out there! I just scheduled a coffee chat. Looking forward to meeting you!
Thanks! I look forward to meeting with you soon!