🙌🏻 Launch for our Literacy Pre-Sale

Hello Elpha Community!

You all have been a support in this journey. Thank you for that!

I am proud to say we are launching the pre-sale of our literacy program. Please feel free to check it all out!

As you may recognize we have rebranded from to due to future product offerings. We have grown specifically from art assets (beta) to multiple alternative asset categories, next in being wine/spirits (R+D).

We could not be more excited...

Our Literacy pre-sale covers the following:

Women and Investing (free)

Art Investment Primer

Alternative Asset Classes

Continual Learner (ongoing)

Kahlo x Basquiat (free)

Quick Takes (continual micro-learning)


And of course some great Merch!

As we continue to grow, my sincerest goal is to close the gender wealth gap. Thankfully, we have found an avenue to do so; for that I am incredibly proud and very thankful.

Again, Thank you all for your help in this process as well. You all are such a supportive community.

Have a wonderful week!