Best way to hire interns?

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That depends on what you are looking for them to do and what you need as far as navigation -- are you wondering how to find them, manage them, pay them?Make sure that you are familiar with employment law in the states where you're hiring them, or you could pay them through a service like ADP.
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Mainly, best practices on how to get connected to universities for their internship programs. I would like to figure out how to find them. It would need to be an unpaid internship that could become a paid opportunity. I know there are platforms out there such as FLIK that are helping women get into tech through apprenticeships but I was wondering if anyone knew of others...
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Hi @vcase, I run an internship job board ! I'm happy to post there. You can send me details via DM or submit it here: goes out to thousands of students plus student communities in the US specifically
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Thanks for this! Super helpful!