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Thanks for sharing these thoughts Michelle! I'd love to hear you elaborate on how you think people can effectively gauge the culture of a company during an interview process (without the benefit of spending time as an intern). What kind of questions would you ask? What are some things in the environment that you would look for or take note of?
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Hey Teresa! If you are only given a chance to interview over the phone/video call, I would ask about the work-life balance. If your interviewer is on the team, ask them about what people on the team like to do for fun. Another question I always like to ask is if there is an on-call duty for the team. If it's a smaller company, I would ask about how the company was started because the founders play a major role in how the company culture grows. This might be vague, but you could also ask your recruiter what values they are looking for. Sometimes companies do recruiting with culture fit in mind.If you get to interview on site at the company, that's a great time to gauge the culture of the company during the interview process. Sometimes you'll get to do a "lunch interview" where you grab lunch with some people at the company. I would take that time to ask them about what they do for fun, or if they have a favorite/memorable company event they went to. While on site, the environmental clues I would look for are the desk orientation (open office? cubicles?) and whether there's music in the background. Is it a laid back setting where people freely walk around and chat with each other during their downtime? Is the office really quiet and everyone is just really focused on working?Hopefully this helps! Feel free to reach out with more questions :)