How to break into tech in a non-STEM role? Communications professional here.


I'm a new college grad wanting to break into the tech industry in a communications role. I am currently working in broadcast media in advertising, but it's not where I want to be long term. I would love to work in PR or corporate comms in the tech or biotech industry, but don't know where to start. I have an undergraduate degree in Mass Communication, and experience interning for a global engineering firm as a global communications intern along with several other internships. What are some ways I can learn more about tech and set myself apart as a viable candidate?

Certifications, freelancing, etc? Any advice appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Hi Meira! It is nice to meet you and exciting to hear about this transition!Are you currently looking for your first FT role post graduation? This is such an exciting time in your life and I hope you are also taking the time to enjoy all that you've accomplished to date :) Both tech and biotech can be very different and you can go into many different directions, so I'd try to answer the question of why one vs the other? It is okay if you don't have a clear answer or if you have one but you get pulled into a different direction. Ultimately very few of us here really had that linear of a journey! Second, to answer your questions on learning about tech: the easiest thing to do is to pick a couple of podcasts and newsletters and see the content you resonate the most. I am in venture capital and so I follow a lot of the generalist content on tech (eg. emerging tech by morning brew, pitchbook analyst reports, strictlyvc, term sheet, and many others!) you could for sure follow these same resources but you can also start to read specific things about areas that interest you within tech or even biotech.Thirdly, and probably my favourite advice to give: I encourage you to be super creative! The best jobs aren't the one you find on job boards (in my personal opinion) but the one you craft yourself thanks to your connection and frankly your creative hustle. It is a lot harder to do and can feel lonely (which is why we have elpha and a lot of other platforms :)) but I think it's worthy. I'd honestly try be as creative as possible eg offer your services as a freelancer to an early to growth stage tech startup or more growth in the case of biotech? take up an internship to get your foot in the door? prioritise working with good people with whom you can learn!
Thanks so much! This is very insightful. I’m employed full time at a news station, but am looking to pivot my trajectory into the tech space. Maybe I can see if anyone on elpha needs a freelancer!
That's dope! Ask your team to cover tech news and all things tech related. That will be your best way to pivot slowly because you'll have to start making connections at your current role. it is always better to have asks when you're employed and bonus if it's about your job, than when you're not!