Speaker for Women in Leadership

The company I work for hosts quarterly Women in Leadership sessions where amazing women come to talk (via Zoom) to women in the company about anything finance, impostor syndrome, time management, relationships, challenges, etc. We always try to have a women from the tech sector, if anyone can share 2 hours of your time via Zoom in September please let me know!

Thank you so much!

So down! Let's chat!
Would they be open to a career coach who focuses on the above? She used to be a VP? If so, I can connect you two.
I offer talks on imposter syndrome and would love to chat if it’s a fit!
Hi Vanessa - I'd love to - happy to chat impostor syndrome especially in the move to leadership, or time management
I'm happy to chat too! As a person who has had to deal with bias, harassment, immigration etc I'm always happy to chat
Sounds like a great program. I’ve spoken on the following topics - reach out if any could be compelling for this group:- How to measure and improve alignment across your team - Reframing your career path: Define what success looks like to YOU - in any circumstance- Creating a unique personal framework to be more effective at what you’re passionate about
Happy to share my time! I’m a minority in a leadership position (senior director), and am happy to share how I navigate these areas. My LinkedIn:
Down if you’re still looking for people. I’m a Staff Software Engineer (leadership role but as an individual contributor, not people manager). Here’s a link to my talks:
I would love to do this!
Hi-I focus on building businesses in women's sexual and reproductive health, including digital, wearables, apps, drugs and consumer products. I would love to participate.