Looking for recommendations for an Emotional Intelligence Training Program

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Hey Vanessa, would you be open to sharing a bit more about what you're looking for from a training programme? Would be curious to understand whether there anything specific that you were looking to learn more about and/or work on? Also, are you looking to utilise these skills in any particular context? No personal knowledge of programmes so look forward to hearing other Elphas' thoughts and recommendations :)
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Hi Rachel, thanks for the reply! I am planning to incorporate some Emotional Intelligence training into a Manager Training Program. That is the main reason I want to take a course like this so it would be a lot of handling your own stress, your own emotions and being able to read the emotions of others or learning to be aware of others emotions so as to improve client relationships as well as be a better Team Leader and Manager. Since I am developing this Manager Training program and I want to include emotional intelligence as part of the program, I think I should take a certification or training first to have a better idea of what to include and how to include it.
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Hi Vanessa! I believe there's still time to join ThriveOn's next class. https://theeqschool.teachable.com/p/thriving-your-life