What are your goals for the last quater of 2020?

Hello Elpha's,I hope you're having a fab Monday! It has no doubt been a strange year. With a global health pandemic that has changed the way we live. Despite all of this, there have been some really great things that have come out of this awful climate of job losses, home schooling and working from home. We have had to adapt, become more resilient and learned to all upskill in digital skills whether we wanted to or not! I know many of you may be tired of the Virus and the lockdown life! What I want to remind you is that this won't last forever and not not put your life on hold. Change is constant and whilst we don't have certainty of when this will be over, we do know that human endeavour will eventually come up with a sustainable vaccine. It will take time, there are no quick fixes. Nor would you want there to be when it comes to life and death.My point is that you should not be afraid to set future goals even in an un-certain climate. You must not be defeated, procrastinate or believe that it's not worth the time or the effort. The reason is because this is no perfect time, day, moment or and waiting for that to be here in health pandemic or non health pandemic year, will mean that you won't be able to move forward. So keep moving forwards together as best you can.To help you build confidence I am running the free Shot of Confidence Series on Monday and Wednesdays at 1pm.Please join us. Here are the first couple of events:A Shot of Confidence with Kanthi Ford on 7th September Shot of Confidence with Waynette Hollis on 9th September at 1:30pm Shot of Confidence with Aude Mulard on 16th September your success!Warm Regards,Ekua πŸ’›LI: [email protected]