What to consider when choosing your next job

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Thank you for writing this! These are really great points that I needed to think about right now. Thinking back to my previous companies, when more of these points were inline with my goals and personality, I enjoyed the job so much more. I am going to keep referring to this as I look for a job. Thanks again!
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I'm so glad it's helpful for you!!
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I couldn't find the reply button, so I'm replying to a thread. Thank you very much for this!! Loved the question about roadmap. Is it a red (or yellow) flag when the goals aren't defined well? Like the overarching vision and high level initiatives are talked about in the interview, but the month-to-month or roadmap is not. Would this be important if one is interviewing for a mid-senior IC role?
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In my experience, the answer depends on the size of the company. At a large company, the decision-making process takes longer because there's more process and more people involved, so you might expect them to have a vague idea of what they're going to do for the next year (e.g. next quarter, new feature for use case X), with the next 3-6 months planned out in a more detail.At a smaller, newer company that's still trying to find product market fit, the roadmap for the year will be a lot more vague (e.g. expand to a new platform, introduce a paid feature) and they may only have the next month or two planned out because they're experimenting and adjusting quickly as they learn from their customers.I would say if your potential future manger can't tell you about the roadmap past a month and can't tell you what the high-level goals/vision for the year are, that's a red flag. A company without a cohesive vision will have you building a lot of random stuff without being able to explain WHY you should build it, and will probably flounder and fail.
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Thank you for taking the time to write it out with such details! I am a follow-up question regarding the goal shared by the startup. For instance, if they say our goal is to hit X DAU, in the next 3 months. Do you think this is could be considered as a great answer?
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Thank you for taking the time to write all of that out. It put into words the feelings I've been having & trying to stay in tune with as I look to the next step. The intangibles are so important!
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Wow thank you for putting all of this together in such an articulate way! ✨✨PS. We usually don't edit post content but given the length of the post, I've formatted your headings so it's easier to read!
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Thank you! I can't figure out how to format headings in the 'create post' UI. There are no formatting controls that I can see. Is there a guide somewhere?
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Right now it's just very basic HTML tags as we don't have a UI for it, but we will soon be adding a WYSIWYG editor :)
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@HarrietW this is such a great write-up. I feel like a lot of us get so caught up in the interview process, and prioritise how to excel at it, that we may forget the interviews are a two-way street.