What do you look for in a job posting?

Hello, I am an engineer with 7 years experience and I'm thinking about how to write job descriptions that appeal to women and other underrepresented groups. For me, I have always been attracted to job descriptions that have indications that the culture at that company is inclusive (e.g. talking about how everyone has a voice, etc). I'm less attracted to job descriptions that talk about how many people use the product or how successful the company is, but I wonder if that's true for other women or underrepresented groups. What is your experience? What are your green flags? Red flags?

Red flags: "rock star" and similar phrasing = "you will be working with arrogant !@#$%^&*". "Must be good at multi-tasking" when it is 2021, and we all know that what we like to call multitasking is actually destructive of productivity. Please for the love of god indicate salary range. I have wasted so many hours talking to people about jobs that it turned out, I couldn't afford to take if they offered it to me. Don't be coy about it; this is business negotiated between adults. Don't just say that you "value diversity," but indicate what you DO to promote it.