What do you look for in a job posting?

Hi, I look forward in a job description to understand what is the job about, what tech stack they are using. If there is a diverse team, not just men. If they take vacations and how many days are for this (unlimited is a bullshit measurement).What is the ~salary range~ this is super super important. What business doesn't know its limits financially? I would be wary of that.How they hire, what's the process in steps. Because it's like going to meet a client for the first time but have no idea of what you gonna discuss. It's professional to be prepared, on both sides. And I might say no to lengthy processes and not waste anyone's time. And lastly only, what is expected in the first month, and 3 months of collaborating.
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Red flags: "rock star" and similar phrasing = "you will be working with arrogant !@#$%^&*". "Must be good at multi-tasking" when it is 2021, and we all know that what we like to call multitasking is actually destructive of productivity. Please for the love of god indicate salary range. I have wasted so many hours talking to people about jobs that it turned out, I couldn't afford to take if they offered it to me. Don't be coy about it; this is business negotiated between adults. Don't just say that you "value diversity," but indicate what you DO to promote it.