📅 UPCOMING EVENT (10/27, 12pm EST): Founder spotlight with Ennie Lim, CEO & Co-founder of HoneyBee

This month, Grasshopper Bank and New York Tech Alliance, will be spotlighting Ennie Lim, CEO & Co-founder of HoneyBee, a Certified Benefit Corporation® that was the result of her own financial struggles, with a mission to destigmatize financial health support in the workplace for millions of working Americans. HoneyBee’s Rainy Day Coverage, 0% APR rainy day funds, paired with on-demand financial coaches help employees manage unplanned expenses and address financial concerns. Ennie has been recognized as an Inc. Magazine Top 100 Female Founder in 2019 and will be chatting to us tomorrow about her founding stories, obstacles and pivots along the way and tips for selling and marketing during these challenging times. You can RSVP here: