FitPick: image-based polling app for community-driven A/B testing

Resolve all your fashion and design dilemmas thanks to our image-based polling app. It’s community-driven A/B testing made quick, easy, free for individuals and businesses!

👗Struggling to pick an outfit for an important client meeting or date night?

🏠Don’t know which rug looks better in your living room?

👩🏻‍💻Want to test two different website designs or company logos?

👩‍💼Not sure which is your best headshot to put on LinkedIn?

In today’s appearance-focused society, we all want to present the best image of ourselves in social and professional settings. But we can also be very indecisive and afraid of making the wrong choice. How do I know that? I worked in fashion and saw firsthand how people always ask others for advice on what to wear. Social confirmation—that’s what we all want.

That’s why I created FitPick—a community-driven, image-based polling app.

1) Upload photos of the options you can’t decide between

2) The FitPick community votes on which looks better

3) Get instantaneous, real-time feedback that resolves your dilemma

4) Make the choice that you can be 100% confident will impress others

With unbiased opinions from other Gen Zs and millennials, you can say goodbye to indecisiveness and uncertainty!

So check out FitPick on the iOS app store today. And if you have any feedback, reach out any time to [email protected]. We want to work with you to make FitPick even more helpful.😊