Feedback on designs wanted

Hi elphas!I occasionally make designs for our Instagram and I always have so many different ideas, so hard to choose one style. So I would like to hear which one from the images below do you like the most?
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I love image 2 :)
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Thanks Louise!
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I vote for 1&3
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Me too! 1 and 3 feels super unique, and love the colour palette. 4 to me is hard to read, and 2 seems less visually intriguing :)
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Thanks Teresa!
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Thanks Alara!
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1, 2 & 4 are all great! For #3, consider removing the radius on the white card so that it is more consistent with the others. Then, use all 4 designs! These are great and work well as a set.
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Thanks Becky! Yeah, once I finished them and posted them here I also felt like they could be used as a set.
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I agree with Becky! You can consider using each for a different type of post - one for announcements, one for tips; etc!
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#2 has the text clear and ready to be read moreso than the others.
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Thanks Morgan!
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I like them all but 2 and 4 are my favourite. The placement of the image on 1 is a bit weird for me but I like the background a lot!
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Thanks Larissa!
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What is your brand? What are you trying to communicate with your Instagram?
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Hi Sophia, we are trying to motivate and inspire the audience through the visual part. And I didn't include any texts, bit through posts we also want to provide valuable advice and share experience on goal-setting. We are a goal-setting app but I kind of want the Instagram to be more like a community not really connected with the app directly.
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#4 feels like the best expression of pretty, flowerful quotes/advice to get the day going. As goal setting pros, how are you trying to position yourself? Clinical, authentic, scientific, bossy? How are you trying to stand out in a sea of goal setting? Proven technique, your own experiences? If authentic, I'm picturing #4 and actual pictures of the team and maybe ditch the stock photos for now.
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Sophia, thank you so much for your valuable feedback! I would say that authentic and supportive - sharing our own experiences and supporting the users with their challenges, helping them to solve the problems that block them
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For some reason #2 makes me want to think/get inspired the most
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Thanks Sara!
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Also definitely 2!