Wellness-related spending habits surveyhttps://aimily.typeform.com/to/OyQpbN1L?utm_source=elpha

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Just attempted to complete the survey. I chose “other” for age bracket and typed in a number. That caused an issue. It allowed me to move forward with the survey, but when I got to the end, it kicked me back to that question saying it was required. So I can’t submit my responses. Also, I found it surprising that there were only age brackets up to age 39. Perhaps you aren’t seeking input from ages 40+?
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Hi Sarah, thanks for your feedback and I am very sorry about the issue you have experienced with our survey form. As for the age brackets, they were based on our previous surveys and the responses we got, but I should say that this time we got a lot of respondents 40-49 years old as well so I guess that is a miss on my side.
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Thank you!