Soul Food by Bare

Ever thought of just sitting and watching someone showing you how to make a healthy recipe that helps with your skincare and you can also ask questions while watching? Maybe or maybe notSo we at Bare The Community asked, What do A chef and Dermatologist have in common? We figured Skincare!We will be having a hearty conversation around skincare talking about the struggles when starting out a skincare journey, how diet affects our skincare, and honestly any questions about the body mind and soul.While making a dish by a renowned chef with conversations guided by an experienced skin specialist.We are putting together this event to foster a sense of community during these uncertain times, to encourage us all to find and create little pods of happy spaces around us.So join us next week Saturday by pre-registering - can't wait to see you! come with all your food and skincare conversations.Soul food is brought to you by Bare The Community from Adi and Bolga