First Q&A on major tech news site: Crunchbase :)

We are in Crunchbase today !They did a Q&A with me on the entrepreneurial journey and how Monadd is taking the pain out of moving: This was a month in the backburner and almost didn't do it because I was juggling too many things at once, and Q&As are at the bottom of the list and we are a super small team wearing multiple hats (mostly in tech and biz) and none of them are PR, in the long run, I did it.Shout out to the Masters of Scale podcast & Headspace app for keeping me sane as an entrepreneur too :)
Congrats on the interview and also going through with it! Sometimes amazing opportunities like these come by and we feel like we're "too busy for it" (which is probably true), but kudos for ending up sharing your amazing story!