Looking for Advice from parents who founded companies when your kids were young

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Hi Wendy, another lurker 😂😂😂My husband and I started a company about 1 1/2 years ago and it’s starting to take off now. Our daughter was then around 1 1/2 years old. It’s not easy as one feels like a bad parent so much of the time. I found it got better when I could put her in a play school from 9am - 3pm when she was about 18 months old. Then I try to play with her for a bit after school in between meetings and calls before her dinner at 6pm. Then my husband and I take turns bathing her and getting her ready for bed - the one who has less work to do 😂 . Yes I believe you can do both. You’ll have good days and bad days but you will have the same if you have a full time job. You’ll be happier working for yourself and I see that my daughter knows we enjoy what we are doing. I hope this helps.
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Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Kim!
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Just wanted to lend my support and empathy! I am trying to launch a business right now - my son is 19 months and I'm expecting my second in September (and i'm still working full time). I find that time blocking is really helpful in the day to day (trying to get a lot done at night and during nap times / when he's at daycare). But overall, the business is something I'm passionate about, and want to see through - I think it's good for my own mental health that I'm working on something that excites (and scares!) me. Ultimately, I would love to stop working and focus on my business in the hopes that in the end it will provide more flexibility around having time for my kids. All that to say - it isn't easy! but hopefully will be worth it!
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Really helpful. Thanks so much for lending support and empathy <3 Sending some back to you! I had a 4-6 month period where my FT job, this business, and my kiddo were all overlapped and I think I went a little crazy, haha, so super impressed that you're doing all of that (AND pregnant again!!)!
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Hey Wendy! My kids are now 3 and 5, started my first company before they were born but was still running it when they were both born, and now started a second company last year. DM me if you want to chat!