How to do income taxes as an expat or a digital nomad

Hi there!

I'm working on a project to enable expats/digital nomads to easily file taxes wherever they live. As a separate component, I also hope to address the complexity of applying for visas when working remotely. If you have personal experience in tax filing when working/living abroad (any nationality), I would love to hear from you by filling out the form:

Any tips on personal tax filing when living abroad for any nationality would be greatly appreciated:)

Thank you so much!

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I need this!
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Hi @MayaCarmeli! Can I DM you to get on a chat with you? Cheers!
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Hi Amber, the best thing to do is to hire for services a local accountant in each location. Depends on where you are moving to, but keeping their contact handy is essential. Sometimes you get an erroneous notice years after you move from a country and having an accountant that has access to your govt IRS profile and can handle submissions for you is a must. I've lived and worked in Ecuador, Colombia, Ecuador, and Canada.
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Thanks @milagrandes! Would you know if there's an easy way to find, hire local accountants at an affordable rate?
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Hello Amber, we mostly ask our contacts if they know somebody who they would recommend. But oftentimes, for Canada, we've done Google Searches in particular cities that are interesting to us and base our decisions of the reviews.