Weekly Solopreneur/Entrepreneur virtual cafe - Anyone's interested?

Hello everyone!

I quit my full-time job earlier this year to pursue entrepreneurship. I was part of the EF cohort in Singapore and I was lucky enough to find a co-founder to work with. Not to sugarcoat it, there were countless ups and downs in the last couple of months. And I don't think I would've been able to survive the mounting stress without a support system of friends and family. As my startup journey moves into a new chapter (graduated from the first 6 months of hell), I'd like to invite any Solopreneur/Entrepreneur out there who's looking to have some down-to-earth conversations about work and life. We can chat, network, and connect virtually. DM if you're interested!

A new poll for the end-of-year meetup:

Please select a few slots and leave your email in the comment. The poll will close on Saturday, 24 December.


Update on the 1st meetup @ Monday, 12 Dec

Virtual Cafe URL:

Meeting Time: 1-hr, 8-9 am EST (UTC-5) / 9-10 pm SGT (UTC+8) on Monday, 12 Dec.

How to join: Simply go to the workfrom URL during the hour and I'll be the host to 'open the door' (yes they have a feature for ringing the bell!) for you at the virtual cafe.

Hi @AmberL. I'm interested but full disclosure, I'm an entrepreneur/startup founder coach, who also starts up her own businesses.
I'm very interested! I've been an entrepreneur for 20+ years and I'm always ready to have real convos with fellow lady bosses. Count me in!
Thank you gals for getting back! Shall we arrange a time to meet up? Here's a poll for us to schedule: personally have hosted meetups using workfrom (has some quirky fun features for a virtual cafe, We can hang out and chat there.I will keep the poll open till the end of the week. Once the poll is closed, I will send out a meeting invite. Look forward to connecting with y'all!
Hi, I am also interested. I was just thinking about this a few days back there need to be more opportunities to network with fellow entrepreneurs/founders.
Hey @maitreyidoshi look forward to chatting!
Hi Amber - thanks for sharing this, it's so true how important support is! If you'd like day-to-day social support, I'd love to welcome you on Groove ( - we're building a community of solopreneurs where you can get social connection and accountability on demand via our 50 minute focus sessions (and it fits in the budget... it's free ;) I think you'd really enjoy getting to know some of the other entrepreneurs in the community :)
Hi ladies! For those who have replied to the Rally poll, we have a common slot for our first meet-up from 8-9 am EST (UTC-5) / 9-10 pm SGT (UTC+8) on 12 Dec!Virtual Cafe URL: Time: 1-hr, 8-9 am EST (UTC-5) / 9-10 pm SGT (UTC+8) on Monday, 12 Dec.How to join: Simply go to the workfrom URL during the hour and I'll be the host to 'open the door' (yes they have a feature for ringing the bell) for you at the virtual cafecc @maitreyidoshi @jasminehermann @DianePrince @kalielaosha
Hi @AmberL So sorry I missed the meet-up. I'm an early riser, but 5 am is a little too early for me (I'm in CA). I hope that it was awesome!
@DianePrince got you! let's find another time that works for all of us.
Yes! I see you're in Singapore (I peeked at your LI) if it helps, I can do 6 am pacific time, but I know it's difficult to figure out something that works for everyone. Umify looks like a really good idea, BTW! I'd love to learn more about where you're at.
I will start a poll for next week so that we can all get on the same time :)
Hi, I am interested. I missed the event but would love to hear about the next time you do this
Yes! I will update the group for our next hangout :) Stay tuned!
Hello ladies! I have created a new poll for us to get together. Please select a few of your available slots and leave your emails for contact. Look forward to connecting with you.
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Is this still happening?