Have you done or considering freelancing?

Hi everyone! I’m building products to make freelancing a viable career for skilled talents and I'm looking for materials to understand the global freelancing market. Do you have any tips or recommendations?

Also, if you have done or you are considering freelancing, I would love to have your feedback by filling up this quick survey:

As an offer, I’m happy to help anyone who needs consultation, career advice, or mock interviews for product manager positions.

thank you so much!
Done and shared my email if you want to follow up.
Appreciate it!
Hi, @AmberL I am not a freelancer but planning to be a freelancer soon. Completed the form
Great! Thanks a lot!
Just filled this out, Amber! I am a long-time freelancer who likes to encourage more folks to go independent. Let me know if I can be of further help.
thank you so much! will PM
thank you so much!
Filled out the survey ! Making freelancing more viable for others would be amazing. I recently co-founded a software consultancy ( and while we're still growing the business, it wasn't the easiest to get started