Achieve work-life balance while building a powerful career

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in both work and life? You’re somehow making it work, but it doesn’t feel all that sustainable?

It always feels like you’re behind at work—like you’re going to drop a ball and it’s going to let someone on your team or at home down.

And it feels like you just can't make the time or mental space to be strategic and purposeful in your work and advance your career.

I struggled like that for years until I developed—through A LOT of trial and error—a system that worked for me to reduce the time I spent at work, while getting more done, and being more present for my family and my self-care.

On May 17th at 1:00pm ET, I'm presenting a free training on my holistic approach to achieving balance without sacrificing your career growth.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to take back your mind from mindset traps that keep you overworking and overthinking so you can feel more available and present in your life and abundant with your time.
  • How to free up your time from time sucks, build true life balance, and make time for yourself.
  • How to build balance into your schedule by creating an ideal calendar that aligns with your top priorities so you can make time to be strategic and build balance between life and work.
  • Why you need to empower your team to get more done so you can stop working nights and weekends, and worry less that it's all getting done.
  • Why it's particularly hard for women to defend their boundaries once they set them—and the big shift that makes it feel easier to say no.

You'll walk away knowing it’s totally possible to learn the mindset upgrades, the systems and the strategies to help you find the work life balance you’ve been craving without sacrificing your career growth.

Hope to see you there!