Hi all!

I wrote a post on my favorite subject, femtech. Mainly outlining what it entails, why it's important and an overall analysis on VC investment in the femtech market (spoiler alert: investing has increased yay!).

It's an extremely important field that has been historically undervalued and underfunded. It’s important to open dialogue, have these conversations and encourage the support and investment of women’s health.

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Yay amazing! You should add SteelSky Ventures to the list of VC funds investing exclusively in women health companies :)
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I want to dive deeper into VC funding for women's health so this is great help. Thank you @iynna!
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Thanks for bringing awareness to this issue and highlighting it as a missing opportunity.My take on women's healthhttps://www.certainagemag.com/post/levels-of-painI wrote about the pink tax in 2018https://patriciagestoso.com/2018/06/21/the-pink-tax/And I ranted in an infographichttps://patriciagestoso.com/its-a-girl/A "niche" that nobody cares about? Women's health after what's called "menopause". Do women evaporate once the hot flushes are over? Nope, but nobody cares. Even if it's the sector that has more financial power ;)
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Pink tax is fascinating and enraging at the same time, thanks for posting these resources!
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Nice article Maria!
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Thank you!
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I really enjoyed your perspective on the femtech industry and why it is important. You mentioned one of the opportunities not yet addressed by the industry is inclusive care for queer and transgender communities which isn't necessarily included in the current definition of "femtech." I am curious to hear your perspective on the inclusion of that in VC investments.
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Thanks Kendall!That's a complicated subject because VC investment usually follows what's trending and/or profitable (I don't necessarily agree with this take but understand that most VC's goal is to make a profit). We need to be more inclusive with health and wellbeing care for the LGBTQ+ community in order for VC investment to follow. I recently connected with one of the co founders of Kalda and think it's doing a great job in this field. https://www.kalda.co/