IF you could have any salary, what would it be? Seriously.

I was wondering, if you could ask your boss to pay you a specific amount, how much would you ask for?

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Minimum $10M and max… well uncapped lol. Why?
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TC $500k. To offset increase in tax % and catch up on saving for retirement since i worked retail a majority of my life & couldn’t afford to save.
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Interesting, I realized while trying to answer that even though it could be anything, I was trying to be realistic and reasonable (as in "undervaluing myself" 😬), but then saw @iynna response and was like "but of course, just give it all to me!" 😂Also, don't know if others have thought that way yet but I always had a feeling that whatever the salary, you always adapt your life to it,.so it's never going to be enough basically. Like in: you get 1mio, then you buy that expensive jet and now you need even more... So, it's not the amount that matters but what you want to do in life I feel... What do you think?
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"So, it's not the amount that matters but what you want to do in life I feel... What do you think?" --> you're absolutely right! Part of my comment was sarcastic but also I don't understand why I should cap my salary if I get to have a say on it. Money doesn't buy happiness, but not being constrained financially sure makes your life easier and can make you happy so money is a BIG instrument in this.Re your analogy, lifestyle inflation is real! One thing I had always told myself when I got raises was to never change my spending habits as a result (if I buy specific items at the grocery stores, I should stick to those)And lastly not to play financial planning guru, I always save and spend whatever is left instead of the other way around.