Google Analytics Install Question. . . HELP! I’m stumped!

Hello All. I’m launching a new site as part of a hobby/potential side hustle. I’m stumped on setting up the Google Analytics. I thought I set it up correctly. I even deleted it and started a second time. But it’s not reporting anything. I know there has been a small handful of traffic so it should notice something. It’s not showing anything over a 30-day period.

Any insights into what I’m doing wrong? I installed the GA number onto the site in BlueHost and it’s showing that I did that correctly.

I have a completely separate site for my freelance business. I set up GA there a few years ago with no issues. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong this time.

Hi @NancyLom! Try this step-by-step guide and see if it helps?
@dipishapatel Thanks. I will give it a try.
Hi Nancy, hope all is well! Just checking in. Was the guide helpful in setting up Google Analytics?