Jump to Dec 31, 2022. How was your year?

Let’s jump ahead to New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2022. What would have to happen starting today to make this your best year yet? What do you want to accomplish? What steps did you take to set your goal in motion? It’s a new year, a new day. No need to wait for an epiphany. Map your plan now. Get started.

I love questions like this! It really forces you to sit down and visualize where you see yourself in the future. And that is so powerful! For me, I want to support 1000 women entrepreneurs by 12/31/22! I plan to do that via 🎉a self-paced course that gives entrepreneurs the roadmap for a successful rebrand and how to build their own website🎉launch 1:1 VIP days for website builds to quickly support the busy entrepreneur 🎉continue to share important resources and tools to help women grow their businesses online. Aside from that... more REST! Living through this pandemic also showed me that I need to spend more time taking care of myself, doing things I enjoy, and with the people I care about. I look forward to also inviting more ease into my life. 🌱
Waah this is a fantastic post! And I love this a lot more than talking about resolutions because it gives me a lot of accountability!I hope by then that I will have strengthened my financial modeling skills, made an investment in at least one startup in Africa, read at least 12 books (I need to make up for my year of little reading in 2021 :( ) and there are two other projects I am working on which I will launch/be open about int eh coming weeks so I hope for those to be successful and be the start of smth new!Financial modeling: through my MBA and a fellowship I'm for underrepresented minorities in financeInvesting in Africa: through talking to startup founders met on LinkedIn, Twitter, my network etcRead books: that's easy 1 a month at leastOther projects: TBA :)