People told me that I was hurting my career joining the Bitcoin industry in 2014 - Linda Xie, Scalar CapitalFeatured

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Hi Elphas – as a reminder – this is part of our public posts series sharing conversations with women across tech on the topic of #careergrowth. Linda, thank you for sharing with us. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.
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Congrats Linda! That's amazing! You are so inspiringI am so happy your colleagues were passionate and nice when you went into a new role! I switched roles last year and I immediately regret it after a month, I encountered a lot of mean colleagues and the team culture really sucked but it was such a huge lesson for me!
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Thanks Jazz, I'm sorry to hear you had a negative experience with the transition and I hope things have improved since then! Going through those types of situations at least helps us learn and make the positive career moments feel even better.
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Thanks for being here! As I was reading through your post, I got to thinking about our current moment with users needing to be aware and mindful when embracing new technology (such as how their data might be shared). To me this signifies a big shift in users of technology claiming more agency than we've had historically - new tech is less of a black box. All of that being said, where does this leave us in terms of educating the public about new technologies?You mention a few really valid parts about Bitcoin and the not-great public profile it first had. Do you think this (in part) has to do with people not understanding how it works?I would love to hear thoughts!
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Yes, I think a large part of it had to do with people not understanding what the technology was, how it worked, and who it could benefit. There were and still are a lot of misconceptions about crypto (Katie Haun from a16z crypto does a great job covering this but over time more education has helped people become increasingly familiar and accepting of it (e.g. regulators, merchants, banks, developers, users, etc). I don’t expect the mainstream public to understand the intricate details about how bitcoin or any cryptocurrency works in the same way that most people don’t understand how the Internet works in order to use it. I think the public needs to be educated on what the technology is at a high level and the benefits and risks that come with it. For example the Internet, social media, email, etc can all be used for bad purposes but there’s many positive things that can come out of it was well. It’s important for people to be able to make informed decisions when using new tech.
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Thanks for sharing your story Linda! I feel like with the bear market right now, there is still that reaction from people I know when talking about working in crypto. Because people don't really understand it yet and with the prices dropping so much in 2018, there is still a lot of skepticism about the space. It's great to hear how certain you felt about finally being in the right space and that's how I feel as well. It's amazing to be able to work in a space where you actually get to shape and mold it because it's so new.
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Hi Linda - fabulous story! I’ve been asked to write a book on blockchain regulation and best practices. (I’m a securities lawyer, former SEC, and a subject matter expert in blockchain). Would you be able to chat about this? Would love to get your take on current compliance issues.Thanks so much!Kind regards,Alexandra