What are your favourite learning platforms?

Hello Ladies,

Where do you learn new skills and knowledge? Which platforms are your favorites and why?

Looking for some new inspirations 🥰


I enjoy LinkedIn and Udemy.
What do you like about Udemy and LinkedIn?
I love coursera!
What do you like about coursera?
I really like that they have offerings from alot of top schools and universities. I also like the formate of the classes and that you can work in teams if you choose too depending on the class. It is comprehensive and just like a college online course!
Thank you!
Quantic for their blended learning platform! One of the few platforms that I found intuitive and painless when juggling career, kids and life.
Thanks! Did you do the MBA program?
Yes! I did the executive program and I felt it was worthwhile. It was a better post graduate experience than my previous experiences
I’ve heard great things about Quantic! Do you have any recommendations for applying/being accepted into the program?
Depends on what I'm looking to learn! I like SkillShare a lot because you pay a flat fee for the year ($180 now I think) and can dip into anything that catches your eye, and if you don't like it, you just move onto another instructor. You can make lists of different topics and put classes in them - my lists include coding, drawing, animation and marketing! The teachers vary in terms of engagement and answering questions, as some of them created the course for another platform. You can try out free classes, or get a free month of Premium with this link: other major learning platform right now is O'Reilly - for a monthly or annual fee, you get access to hundreds of books on business and tech, which you can read and highlight on your computer, tablet or phone. But the real value is the live tech and business workshops, which might cost hundreds of dollars outside the platform. There's something offered almost every day. I haven't used it but there's also a certification area with books and practice exams. They have a 10 day free trial - keep an eye out for sales - I just got a year for $300 (regular $500).
Thanks a lot! Very insightful!
Thank you for the link, Polly!
For internal use I love degreed For B2B use I like thought industriesFor solo entrepreneurs I love teachable!
Thanks Katie!
1) LinkedIn Learning—I have a free annual membership with my library card. The course and learning path offerings are so diverse. 2) O'Reilly Learning—I have a free annual membership with my library card. The books they publish are more thorough on the topics I'm interested in learning about, and there are also live events, Q&A sessions, etc.
Depends on what you are learning. I find the teacher is much more important than the platform. Most of the classes I've loved have been on Udemy. I've used LinkedIn Learning and Creative live with success. Wherever possible watch and listen to the preview to see if the instructors teaching style and your learning style mesh.
How would you describe your learning style? I discovered that I prefer audio over video or videos with subtitles and tons of quizzes.
It really depends on what I'm learning. I'm a bit of a robot and very visual. I much prefer to see what is being taught as I find most teachers are incredibly bad at explaining exactly what they are doing, and tend to leave out steps that are so automatic to them they think everyone knows them.The biggest problem I find with video transcripts is that they are obviously computer generated and not proof read. This problem is particularly noticeable in coding lessons.
I prefer learning by reading over watching video lectures - that probably makes me an oddity! I feel like I can retain more information reading and I can read a lot faster than someone can talk.My platforms of choice:1. educative.io2. O'Reily
I love the part of that courses are organized in paths not only just listed courses.
At the moment, my learning platforms are Skillshare, Youtube. Also, some book purchases, and saved pdf's. Curious to other learning platforms as well.
@camilletamayo how do you remind yourself and organize the saved PDFs? I'm looking for inspiring ways than just keeping them open tabs or bookmark them as I do :)
Hi @Katalin, I use Notion.
I don't like LinkedIn learning or Udemy because I need something more than just watching videos. I love Codecademy and Kodekloud as they have platforms to do exercises. Codecademy, like LinkedIn learning, allows you to add certificates to your LinkedIn profile.
hi @elenadosil, I agree. What do you miss from Udemy and LinkedIn?