The Practical Dev SheCoded Celebration

International Women's Day is March 8. The Practical Dev is celebrating with the annual SheCoded event. SheCoded is an event that celebrates women and non-binary people in tech. This week The Practical Dev is encouraging the community to write stories and share them using the #shecoded hashtag. Then they will share and retweet these stories on social media throughout the weekend.You can learn more by visiting the official page for this year's event. The page includes prompts to help you get started if you would like to participate. You can also read samples of different stories other community members have written here so far or in the past. You can access more stories using the #shecodded hashtag. You can also check out the past SheCoded celebration announcement posts to learn more about the celebration. I'll post the past three SheCoded announcements below. (SheCoded Announcement 2017) (SheCoded Announcement 2018) (SheCoded Announcement 2019)If you participate in this year's SheCoded event, please post your stories as a comment in this post so all the Elphas Can Code members can find them and read them.
Love this! Thanks for posting about this @britishpandachick 😃