The biggest event made for CPOs by CPOs 🚀

This summer is going to be a #CPOSummer!

Dragonboat has partnered with Insight Partners to bring you the biggest event made for CPOs by CPOs.

Every week from June through August, Chief Product Officers from world-class companies will be sharing their unique insights and hard-earned learnings around all aspects of leading product teams and driving business.

By the numbers - 12 CPOs, 600B+ market cap, and 70+ years of CPO experience.Check out the lineup below:- Melissa Perri (CEO, Produx Labs)- Lydia Varmazis (Interim CPO, Lydia & Co / former CPO, Checkr)- Spiros Theodossiou (CPO, Dext)- Trisha Price (CPO, Ketan Babaria (CPO, M1 / former CPO, Roofstock)- Wyatt Jenkins (SVP Product, Procore Technologies / formerly Patreon, Shutterstock)- Avin Arumugam (Former CPO, One Inc)- Archie Abrams (VP Product, Shopify / former CPO, Udemy)- Shelley Perry (Former CPO, NTT Data)- Aniket Gune (CPO, SmartAsset)- Cory Gaines (CPO, Blackhawk Network)- Ryan Polk (Former CPO, Carbon Black)

Learn from some of the best in the world all summer long.

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