Level/title in a start up vs large company

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CMO - chief marketing officer has a nice ring to it. A Principal Software Engineer at a large company is roughly a CTO at a small start up, in my experience. Seems like a Director should map to the highest marketing title, though I don't know that space as well.But titles are cheap and easily changed. More important is how much stock/ownership they are offering. :0)
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I agree with @abigray. Titles don't really mean much, especially at a small startup. The most important things to consider are:1. What you'll actually be responsible for and get to make decisions on2. How much flexibility you have in your role to impact the company overall (even in other areas outside of marketing)3. Your compensation (salary + equity)4. Your titleSeems like you should be at a minimum Head of Marketing/Director of Marketing based on where you're at now but I'd definitely be more concerned about what you can grow into and what you'll be leading over title since every company treats titles differently.
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I agree with @abigray - I would go for Chief Marketing Officer!