Recruitment/Talent positions in health tech?

Hi all, happy Monday!! I'm sending this out in the hopes of connecting with leaders looking to add to their recruitment team. Would love to chat regarding my background and experience. Feel free to send me a message if this is an area your team is looking to hire in! :) *posting anonymously for privacy reasons*
Unfortunately, if you are anonymous, we cannot follow up with you 😐If someone responds, you should probably dm them / look for existing on the topic and reach out directly.
Oh my goodness, I am new to Elpha and did not realize that! Thank you for the heads up. I will make sure to send the first message out on my end with any replies I receive going forward. Thanks again! :)
Aw not a problem at all :) In the meantime - take a look amazing @alyssapetersel is looking for SDR at MyWellBeing have been looking to fill a few roles - not sure she is done hiring but maybe check out the company :)
Thank you so much! This is extremely helpful.
Thank you, Iynna!! Sending love to you